Meet Floyd Mayweather’s 19-Year Old Girlfriend, Ramarni Ball

Floyd Mayweather is 39-years old. His girlfriend, Ramarni Ball is 19. Cute.

A photo posted by @rmarni on

Floyd Mayweather is dating a teenager. This is the least surprising news ever. Who else would be dating Floyd Mayweather other than a chick that isn’t old enough to get into the club that he’s making a guest appearance at that night?

You think Floyd Mayweather is dating a 40-year old broad? Nope. Newborns. I assume they spend hours scribbling in their coloring books and giggling at new episodes of Spongebob. Ah, young love.

The best part about dating a minor for Floyd Mayweather has to be knowing that he’s allowed to beat her and it’s not against the law. It’s just disciplining a little girl. He’s figured out the game.


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