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Meek Mill Songs Are Banned From the Toronto Raptors Locker Room

The Meek Mill career landslide has continued to snowball off of a cliff into an elephant graveyard as the Toronto Raptors have banned all Meek songs from the locker room. Raptors forward, Patrick Patterson confirmed this into an interview with Complex.

[su_quote cite=”Complex” url=””]What’s music like in your locker room on game day? PP: Oh it’s nothing but hip-hop so Young Thug, Drake, Rick Ross, Weezy, Rich Homie Quan…

Have you had to put a ban on Meek Mill? PP: Oh yeah, Meek Mill has been banned for a long time. No one plays Meek Mill.[/su_quote]


Okay, so I’m not about to say that Toronto is a major city but does anyone own an entire population more than Drake owns Toronto? Like, it’s not even close. The only comparison is how Napolean dominated France. Drake is the king there.

I’m also not about to say that a rapper’s career is made or lost based on their popularity in Toronto but Meek can’t afford to be banned from an entire city. Plus, if anyone is listening to Meek, it’s those bums on the Raptors. Patrick Patterson? You know that scrub was blasting Meek a year ago.




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