Meek Mill Rises From the Dead in New Hot 97 Freestyle

Not even joking, I thought Meek Mill was a corpse. In the past 18 months, every rapper who has ever had a microphone in front of them has released a Meek Mill diss track. He is the easiest target in the game.

Well, it looks like Meek has resurrected and he’s back. Following a random quick feud with The Game for snitching on him involving a Sean Kingston robbery, which sounds like a sentence from 2008, Meek has BARS again.

I guess after a full year of everyone shitting on this guy, I forgot that this man can actually rap from time to time. I was kind of surprised that he addressed the Drake thing at all but I’m glad he didn’t necessarily brag about winning that beef (he died). I guess I’m more surprised about how well he rapped about current race relations in the country. Who knew Meek had that in him.

I suppose he had a lot of time to think of hot lines as he was buried in the grave Drake sent him in. Welcome back, Meek Mill.


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