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McDonald’s Employee Suspended After Headbutting Customer in a Fight Over Chicken McNuggets

A McDonald’s employee in the U.K. was reportedly suspended for head-butting a customer after an argument broke out over Chicken McNuggets.

The customer allegedly became upset after being told he couldn’t order nuggets because the menu had already changed over to breakfast, according to the Echo.

In the footage, the restaurant employee and customer are seen in a scuffle as two other customers try to pull them apart. The employee then head-butts the customer, losing his reindeer antler hat in the process. The fight escalates from there as the customer tries to punch the employee in the face, knocking his glasses to the floor. Another employee then steps in, attempting to stop the fight without success.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Chicken McNuggets are a precious resource and it’s tough to fault any customer for demanding them at any time of day. When you have such precious gems just chilling on the dollar menu, you better be ready to sling those bad Larry’s out all day, every day.

So I totally understand the feeling of rolling up to a 24/7 McDonald’s and being told that they’re not selling McNuggets. If you’re not ready to fire out those nuggets then close the fucking store or else these fights will continue to happen.

Having said that, if you’re an employee and you know you can’t sell mcnuggets then you’re allowed to headbutt potential assailants. A war is coming to your front door and you need to be ready to defend yourself.

Nobody is at fault here. This is business as usual at the local McDonald’s. Nothing to see here.




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