McDonald’s is Creating a ‘Walk-Thru’ For Customers Too Drunk to Drive

An outlet in Llandudno, North Wales, has opened a lane for pedestrians to serve hungry diners leaving a nearby nightclub in the early hours.

The restaurant rolled out the trial last weekend, sparking a frenzy with sozzled customers with late night munchies.

The scheme’s instant popularity led bosses to make it a permanent feature and it will return this weekend.

Between the hours of 2.30 and 4am, customers will be able to walk through a separate lane and order meals.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said: “The ‘walk-thru’ was a local initiative by the business manager of the restaurant to invite local residents to come and enjoy a meal at the restaurant after their night out at the newly reopened nightclub Broadway.



The McDonald’s walk-thru is the greatest invention since the Roomba. Do you know how many times I’ve wandered home from the bar at 3am just wishing I had 20 chicken mcnuggets in my mouth? Every. Single. Week. It’s like this is coming straight out of my diary.

This needs to be implemented across the globe. I’m sure this will also reduce drunk driving or whatever. But most importantly, it puts mcnuggets in me. It would really improve my walk home significantly if I was double fisting mcgriddles.

Thank you, McDonald’s. You guys are doing god’s work.



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