McDonald’s Big Mac Are About To Get Even BIGGER

As a poor poor struggling writer, I live off of fast food. Can’t beat paying $5 for about 5 burgers. Try to walk into any real restaurant and ask for those prices. You will be politely asked to leave the premises. Sure, McDonald’s meat doesn’t come from cows or any real animals but it’s good nonetheless.

Hyped to see that the Big Mac just graduated to the Grand Big Mac. As it was written. Long gone are the days of eating a Big Mac and feeling unsatisfied. Need. More. Calories. It’s bulking season. It’s always bulking season. Just when you think bulking season is over, it’s just fucking beginning. You need those Cals.

Also how cute are little Mac Jr.’s. I’m going to be spending most of my summer at the local McDonald’s. See you all there, I’m sure.




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