Mattel Releases Game Developer Barbie For All the Dweeb Girls Out There

Molly Profitt, CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, LLC, consulted in the design process of the doll, which represents the tech industry.

Mattel seems to have got its game developer doll right.

The product is already sold out, according to the product’s website.¬†

‘Honored as a career of the year, young techies can play out the creative fun of this exciting profession,’¬†the product description reads.

‘Barbie doll looks casually cool in an industry-inspired outfit.’

(Daily Mail)


Barbie’s resume is STACKED. The second a new job becomes available, this bitch jumps ship. Now she’s game developer Barbie because that’s what’s hot in the streets, apparently. Remember when Barbie used to just drive around in Convertibles? Well, now she finally has a career that can sustain her fancy lifestyle.

If you want your daughter stuffed in lockers at a very early age, just give her this new Barbie doll. They can fill out equations together and do super fun calculations while all the cool girls are playing hopscotch and giving boys cooties.

Actually the more I think about this, the more it seems like this is the perfect solution to make sure your daughter never talks to boys. Keep her inside developing the next big game or whatever and she’ll be paying for her own college.


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