Matt Harvey Wins the NL Comeback Player of the Year. Still Blew Game 5 of the World Series.

Matt Harvey has been awarded the 2015 National League Comeback Player of the Year. After returning from Tommy John surgery that forced him to miss the entire 2014 season, Harvey returned to the Mets with a 13-8 record and an ERA of 2.71. He earned this award as his team made it all the way to the World Series.

Remember that time Matt Harvey was pitching in Game 5 of the World Series and demanded to stay in for the 9th inning? Remember when he walked the first batter he faced and then allowed the tying run to hit a double basically forcing Terry Collins to put in their closer, Jeurys Familia, in an awful position of facing the go-ahead run with no outs. Remember?

I don’t want to harp on negatives here, like how it looks like Matt Harvey has doubled in body weight. It’s almost as if this is a Matt Harvey clone that ate the original Matt Harvey. #FattHarvey.

But again, he’s the Comeback Player of the Year. Display that award proudly on your mantle where you made room for your World Championship ring that the Kansas City Royals now have because you HAD to pitch one more inning even though you KNEW your arm was falling off. Way to cuckold Terry Collins and put him in the worst situation for a major league manager. Way to be 300 pounds.

Congrats, Matthew.


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