Matt Harvey Update: Complete Bag of Garbage

On Tuesday night, Matt Harvey was LIT UP again trying to pitch against the Washington Nationals. Harvey allowed 5 runs on 8 hits in just 5 innings pitched. He had one strikeout. Harvey is a bag of garbage right now.

After another shitty outing, New York Mets manager, Terry Collins, attempted to find the silver lining in his bag of garbage:

[su_quote cite=”The Score” url=”″] “Even though his command wasn’t good, we saw great movement on his fastball,” Collins said. “We saw the velocity up. We saw the tightness of his slider.”[/su_quote]


Yup, the slider was so tight the way Ryan Zimmerman punched it into the bleachers in the 4th inning.

Matt Harvey’s current era is 6.08. That’s enough to get designated for assignment. But nope, apparently Harvey will definitely be making his next start. Looks as though the Mets are committed to losing every 5 nights when #FattHarvey steps up to the mound.

As a New York Yankees fan, I love this. The Mets will let him walk away and he’ll be in pinstripes just in time for his arm to fully recover from Tommy John surgery. The Dark Knight is moving uptown to ride a World Series float through the Bronx. Can’t wait.



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