Matt Harvey Playing Through a Back Injury Without Telling Anyone Is The Most Matt Harvey Shit Ever

This is the ultimate Matt Harvey moment. If you need to explain to a stranger who Matt Harvey is a professional baseball player, point to this exact moment as he hid a back injury from the Angels because he was ‘being stubborn’.

We can all point to the second that Harvey’s career fell off a cliff in 2015 when former New York Mets manager, Terry Collins, tried to take him out of a game and Harvey was stubborn and wanted to stay in the game. He was trash ever since he overworked his arm andddd the Mets didn’t even win that World Series.

You just watched a man die.

What makes Harvey forcing himself to play through a back injury for literally no reason is that the start prior to him being taken out early on Thursday is that he had a pretty good start right before that.

Only 2 earned runs and 4 hits with 6 strike outs in 5 innings of work to bring his ERA down to 6.35 (lol).

Instead of learning from his mistakes and being a 30-year old adult, he continues to be the same impulsive weirdo that straight up no-call no-showed a Mets game after getting dumped by Adriana Lima and going on a bender. Wow, I’m Matt Harvey.

This will most likely be Harvey’s last chance at, ya know, a career.

The Mets had to trade him last season because the players got fed up with him because he kept going out every night and then sucking when it was his day to start.

Then he sucked in Cincinnati and he sucks in Los Angeles now too.

All he had to do was tell the team that he back hurt and they would’ve given him the proper medical attention to get him on the mound healthy again and he decided to be the hero. The Dark Knight.

Matt Harvey’s career win-loss record is 43-48 which is not only hilarious because he’s lost more games than he won but he’s been in the majors since 2012. 43-48 means he’s recorded a hilarious amount of no-decisions. 5 inning Harvey.


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