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Woman Arrested For Biting Her Husband Because He Changed Their Computer Password

A 53-year-old woman was arrested in Palm Bay after biting her husband when he changed their computer password at home.

Police said Mary Jo King, of Palm Bay, got into a verbal argument with her husband after he changed the computer password.

“The defendant then shouted that her husband knew the password before jumping on her husband’s back where she began striking him,” the officer said.

While she was latched to her husband’s back, King bit him on his head. The husband had marks that were consistent with being bit.

King’s son told police that he heard a loud verbal argument and observed his mother latched on his father’s back while biting his head.



Real quick, dating is hard. I write nonsense all day long. I need my laptop and I can’t imagine sharing my computer password with a young lady. If I came home and found out that bae changed my password there would be way more than biting going down.

Shout out to Mary Jo King for showing tremendous restraint and only biting her husband who did a despicable move by changing their joint password without running it by her first. If anything, the husband should be imprisoned for treason.

Also, I can’t not imagine Mary’s son being Walt Jr. limping into the room and calling the cops when he sees mommy and daddy fighting. Lock this snitch up too. No one is understanding how significant a deal it is to change someone’s password without telling them. That should be a federal offense.



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