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Marvel FINALLY Releases a Thor: Ragnarok Trailer and It’s Amazing

First thought? Cate Blanchett is a fucking wrecking ball. I have no recollection of who the villain was in the second Thor movie and I have no desire to even Google it. All I know is that Cate Blanchett playing the embodiment of death looks dope.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Marvel movies coming out in 2017 and suspected that Thor will be the best movie and just one minute of this short teaser proved those suspicions. The Incredible Hulk is back, Loki is back. I mean, the gang’s all here.

Planet Hulk is one of the better Marvel comic book stories that seemed impossible to adapt into a live action film but nope, it’s been done like it’s no big deal and Thor is forced to become a gladiator after Asgard is destroyed. Yup, I’m in. Just go ahead and take all of my money now.

I’ll see you all on opening night. I’ll be the asshole crunching on popcorn during all of the quiet moments in the movie.



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