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Markelle Fultz Isn’t Good Enough To Save Philadelphia 76ers in a Post-Process World

The Process has officially come to an end as the Philadelphia 76ers gave away future assets in order to trade up in the 2017 NBA Draft for Markelle Fultz. The rebuilding is over and now it’s time for all of these kids to step up and start winning some games for real.

But Markelle Fultz isn’t good enough to save the Philadelphia 76ers.

Sure, Marky Mark Fultz has the highest upside of any of the players in this draft but I’m not convinced he will turn out as great as let’s say, Lonzo Ball. There’s a reason why Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics didn’t stick with Fultz and instead rolled the dice on Jayson Tatum.

You cannot ignore how bad his college team, Washington, was when he was the leader of the team. I know there are plenty of factors that effect a college basketball team’s success and it’s more difficult for one player to drag an awful team but Washington was just atrocious last season. I think it is completely fair to question Fultz’s desire to win and his drive.

With the lack of a veteran presence on the Philly roster, I don’t see him learning the NBA game quickly playing alongside TJ McConnell and he has a lot to learn. I do believe the NBA comparisons to Tracy McGrady but let’s remember, Tracy McGracy didn’t win shit.

The success of the Philadelphia 76ers is 1000% in the hands of Ben Simmons. If he is the once in a generation player that he was originally projected to be then pray for the NBA. Teaming him up with Joel Embiid is a straight up nightmare for opposing defenses but that’s completely dependent on Simmons’ health.

Markelle Fultz is cool or whatever and maybe he’ll even sneak into some All-Star games but it’s Ben Simmons’ world and Fultz’s job to hand Simmons the ball and get the fuck out of the way. Also another quick hot take, Dario Saric is more valuable than Markelle Fultz. Okay, I’m done.






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