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Markelle Fultz Has the Worst Looking Shot in the NBA

So apparently, Markelle Fultz ‘revamped’ his free throw shooting motion in the offseason because he’s already in his own head and will be the biggest bust ever. Sorry, I skipped ahead there. Let’s focus on this awful free throw shot.

Who told him this was a good idea? Everyone was shocked when the Boston Celtics decided to trade down for Jayson Tatum when it was a lock that they would draft Fultz to replace Isaiah Thomas as the point guard in 2018. Now Danny Ainge looks like a genius because he ended up with Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum while the Philadelphia 76ers has this guy chucking shots off the back of the rim.

Fultz and Ben Simmons will be handling the ball for the 76ers this year. Neither man has played a single game in the NBA before and neither man can make a jump shot. To everyone predicting that Philadelphia will make the playoffs, BAHAHAHA WHAT? JJ Redick heads sit down.

Markelle Fultz really does shoot like his dad caught him playing with Barbies and forced him to try out for the basketball team. The Sixers could go an entire quarter without scoring a point. I will be laughing at Sixers fans all season when Embiid plays 15 minutes a game until around January when he gets his inevitable season ending injury and Jahlil Okafor has to play major minutes and I’m already laughing.

Knicks in 4.




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