Markelle Fultz Deserves The 2017-18 MVP Award

Markelle Fultz is the best player I’ve ever seen. 10 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds in less than 15 minutes on the court after spending the entire season bricking shots off the side of the backboard with a shoulder injury that was seemingly all in his head the entire time.

The Fultz storyline went from ‘this kid is afraid and can’t handle the pressures of being the No. 1 overall draft pick and he’s a bust who will never hit another jumpshot in his life'[1. I’ll admit, that was mostly me. Hand up.] to ‘The Philadelphia 76ers are going to win the NBA Title because Fultz is the point god’.

Turns out my man was playing opossum the whole season just waiting for the final stretch of games to unleash his talent upon the NBA before leading the 76ers on a deep playoff run.

He is exactly what this team needed so that when Ben Simmons heads to the bench, there is a playmaker on the floor and he can play off the ball and catch and shoot when Ben Simmons penetrates into the paint and dishes out to the perimeter.

The addition of Fultz could also significantly alter the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference. If the Philadelphia 76ers can move up to the 3 seed and pass the Cleveland Cavaliers then their first series will most likely be against a Washington Wizards team that cannot beat them in a 7 game series with or without John Wall. They would then face a depleted and limping Boston Celtics team in the next round.

The 3 seed is the easiest trip to the Eastern Conference Finals and Markelle Fultz scoring 10 points and dishing out 8 assists in 14 minutes is the exact shot of adrenaline this team needs.

I’m allllll in on Markelle Fultz. Get this man the MVP trophy right now. I wouldn’t be shocked if he scores 50 points this week or gets a triple-double. It’s Markelle’s world and we’re all just lucky enough to live in it. Thank you, point god, for another day on Earth.




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