Mark Sanchez vs. Mike Glennon is the Most Important Quarterback Battle of All Time

Clash of the TITANS in Chicago this offseason as Mike Glennon will battle Mark Sanchez for supremacy. Nothing else matters this training camp. All eyes on the Mark Sanchez Mike Glennon WAR.

I don’t want to diminish Mark Sanchez’s talents but it’s pretty wild that he continues to make millions of dollars to hold clipboards on the sidelines. Well, not anymore. He’s taking the fight to the GAWD, Mike Glennon. To be a fly on the wall in that locker room. I just want to watch these two men tear each other to pieces both physically and mentally.

I really hope Chicago doubles down on this war zone and they draft a quarterback in the first round. A three way struggle? We may be one month away from a Mexican Standoff in Chicago. I will literally move to Chicago for the entire preseason and watch all of their practices. I’m getting hyped just thinking about this interception competition.





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