Marie Kondo is a Bad Bitch

I love Marie Kondo or at the very least, I love what Marie Kondo is doing out here in these streets. Tidying Up is one of my favorite Netflix shows.

Marie Kondo goes to a sort of messy American home and mumbles Japanese at them until they clean their house and then she flies off like Mary Poppins[1. Her translator drives.].

The underlying theme of Tidying Up is not just removing clutter that fails to ‘spark joy’ but to remove the clutter in our hearts. As you’re folding up your jeans like an asshole, Marie Kondo is smiling and blinking at you and next thing you know, you’re crying into your wife’s arms and you forgive your father for not having time to have a catch with you 42 years ago.

But my favorite aspect of Tidying Up is how cheery and happy Marie Kondo is. She smiles ear to ear not understanding the English being spoken at her but hearing a cash register in her head every time she walks into a new home. When she prays prior to the clean up, she’s actually just making a list in her head of all things she’s going to purchase when Netflix drops off that Season 2 direct deposit.

Marie Kondo is the ultimate bad bitch as she ‘created’ a system of cleaning up but what she actually did was just take common Japanese culture to the Western world and Americans were like ‘oh my god, what is this witchcraft? Marie, you goddess’.

It would be like if you were in a hipster Williamsburg Brooklyn band and you took a synth keyboard to a third world nation that only has drums and acted as if you invented a new genre of music when in actuality you’re just introducing it to a country that didn’t really give a fuck about synth keyboards before you got there anyway.

Marie Kondo is out here selling books and getting those Netflix checks and I stan my Japanese queen. She started a revolution based around putting knick knacks in tiny containers and now her bank account is swollen.

And I do not want this to read as me being cynical. I am genuinely congratulating this woman who I would never categorize as a ‘scammer‘. She is a being of pure happiness. She has no negative motives.

Maybe that’s what I love most about Marie Kondo. She accidentally stumbled into a gold mine when all she wanted to do was show the world how to fold t-shirts tinier. A noble cause, indeed.

Long Live, Queen Kondo. The baddest bitch in the game.




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