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Maria Bamford’s ‘Old Baby’ Is The Best Stand Up Special of the Year

2017 is the year that Netflix just decided to dominate the comedy game. If you’re a premiere stand up comedian then you’re going to want to release a Netflix special asap. Dave Chappelle came back from the dead to release two full hours for us. The field is stacked and there’s a lot of great competition.

Enter Maria Bamford. Maria has always been one of my favorite comedians and although she’s never received that mainstream love, she has steadily been killing it for decades. Believe it or not, her comedy inspired me to want to people a jokesmith myself.

Her random voices and absurd seemingly random joke telling while somehow still maintaining a story or premise is totally unique. I thought her last hour ‘The Special Special Special’ busted the door open for the possibilities for what an hour can be as she performed in her own home in front of just her parents. It was intimate as fuck yet still hilarious.

Old Baby took that style and expanded on it as over the course of the special, her audience went from her speaking in a mirror, to her speaking to just one person, to an audience of four outside of her house to a bowling alley to a theatre.

Any comedian who ends their special rolling on the ground making fart noises would be idiotic, annoying and juvenile but when Maria Bamford does it, it’s completely earned and borderline genius.

Not to compare female comedians but I just want to quickly compare to what I think is the worst special on the year, Amy Schumer’s Leather Special. Maria dissected love and her own intimacy issues. She explored her weird relationship with show business and her mental health or lack thereof. That beginning monologue in her mirror where she mocks ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta’ was funnier than any of the awful blowjob jokes that Schumer shoved down our throats for an hour.

Maria Bamford’s Old Baby was the best special of the year and no one can tell me otherwise.



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