Margot Robbie Received Death Threats After Starring in the Worst Movie Ever Made, Suicide Squad

In an interview with THR for her latest film, I, Tonya, Margot Robbie discussed acclimating herself with fame and dealing with death threats. She also offered a bit of advice to up-and-coming actors and actresses looking to join a superhero movie, especially one that has them portraying an iconic comic book character.

“You’re about to be in a comic book film; now here’s the worst-case scenario of how big and scary it can get. There’s just all this stuff you learn along the way, like, when you get those death threats, it’s [smart] to have a security team do a background check on whoever sent them to see if there is any past history of violence because you’ll need to know whether you need security to go to certain events. And every time you do a background check, it’s going to cost $2,000, so take that into consideration when you’re getting yourself into this.”

(Screen Rant)


First, you can’t threaten to murder someone. No matter how badly you may want to, you cannot send letters to people and say that you’re going to end their life. That’s psycho shit. Control yourself.

BUT, I sat through Suicide Squad and like, I miiiight understand wanting to send the people involved in that movie a strongly worded email. Personally, I think David Ayer should never be able to work again and I was proven right when he was like ‘oh, you thought Suicide Squad was hot garbage?, well here’s Bright motherfuckers’.

Margot Robbie just wanted a check and she got it. I don’t think we should be mad at her for that movie. At the same time, maybe you don’t need to drop two stacks on background checks. I feel like every single celebrity’s inbox is full of death threats. If you’re really concerned about your safety, just have someone check these people’s Facebook and/or Instagram. You don’t need a forensics team to determine if you’re in real danger.

Don’t send Margot Robbie death threats. DO, send DC angry letters and maybe not ‘death’ threats but like, let them know you’re serious. Suicide Squad 2 better either A.) not happen or B.) See A.



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