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New Dating Site Matches Canadians With Americans Moving To Avoid Donald Trump Presidency

[su_quote cite=”CP24″ url=”″]A new dating website is offering to pair Americans with Canadian singles to save them from a Donald Trump presidency. promises love and a U.S. escape plan if Trump becomes commander-in-chief. CEO Joe Goldman says 4,150 people have signed up for the site — 70 per cent of them Canadian.[/su_quote]


Soo I think people who say that they’re going to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president are the lamest people on planet Earth. It’s the lamest take of all time. If/when Trump wins the presidency, your life will be completely unaffected.

But now that exists, I’m on board. If Trump gives me an excuse to take a trip to Canada and hump some fake French broads. Now I need Trump to become president so that I can finally find a reason to get a passport.

I have officially signed up for this madness so I’ll be in Montreal soon dry humping a Hab in a coffee shop. The American Dream.

Stay tuned to hear more about my Maple Match dating exploits. Everyone please vote for Donald Trump.

Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you’re reading to sign up for Maple Match and bang people in Canada.


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