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Manu Ginobili is Running It Back For Two More Years in San Antonio

This is huuuge for the San Antonio Spurs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Spurs sneaky had one of the worst offseasons in the NBA. They were completely exposed in the playoffs when Kawhi Leonard went out with an ankle injury and the only real move they made was losing Jonathan Simmons and replacing him with Rudy Gay. Net loss.

Bringing Manu Ginobili back at least ensures that they’re going to have a deep playoff run. Ginobili wins playoff games. It’s all he knows. He wins and he balds. That’s it. Nothing else matters to him. If you don’ think he has an impact anymore, please go back and watch him swat the shit out of James Harden last season in the Western Conference Semis.

Also, quick shout out to my boy Shams for the SHAMS SPLASH. Double shout out to my man, Woj, for getting the bag from ESPN and then just chillin and no longer breaking stories. I love scammers and you cannot. knock. the hustle.

Warriors in 4.





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