Manny Pacquiao’s Dad Ate His Dog and Deadseriousness is BACK

DEADSERIOUSNESS IS BACK and it’s like it never left. The world is the same as when Deadseriousness shut down. Feminists are pissed at everything. Cops are casually murdering dudes. Oh, and Manny Pacquiao’s dad at his dog. Everything is everything.


“And Roach also explained the horrifying reason why Pacquiao was homeless in the first place, saying: “Manny ran away from home after his father ate his dog.”


To any kid who’s thinking about running away, you don’t really have it that bad. Boooohoooo, your parents don’t understand you. Waaaaahhhh. Manny Pacquiao came home one day and saw his dad just snacking on their pet dog. And I’m going to go ahead and assume that the dog was alive and just looking straight into Manny’s eyes as he walked in.

I’m not going to say that Manny Pacquiao is going to beat Floyd Mayweather now but like…Manny has seen some shit that will inspire him forever. His trainer has to just whisper in his ear between rounds “remember Buster. Remember Buster.”




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