Manny Machado Punched Yordano Ventura’s Head Off Of His Shoulders

Sooo Yordano Ventura has to hand in his jersey now, right? You cannot throw inside and then allow yourself to get ragdolled off of the mound by a teenage boy. You have so much time for preparation when you’re the pitcher. You are not allowed to lose that fight when someone charges.

I think Manny Machado just ended Ventura’s career. Can’t respect a pitcher that gets mollywhopped like that. Ventura also gave up 6 runs so just an overall bad night for Yordano.

Wildest part of this story is that Yordano has been in the majors for 4 years and he still needs a Spanish translator. It’s not like a guy from Japan coming over. I can learn Spanish in 4 years. Manny Machado deserved to hit this idiot.


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