Man Arrested For Buckling Up Cases of Beer and Not His Children in the Back Seat

[su_quote cite=”ABC” url=”″]Police said several children, including a baby less than a year old, were lying on the laps of adults and in foot wells while cartons of beer were piled onto the seats.

A 27-year-old man has been charged with no authority to drive and failure to restrain a child.[/su_quote]

Look, life is all about priorities and I do not for one second, question what is important to this man. What would happen if that beer got damaged in the event of an accident? I don’t even want to think about such graphic horrors. You have to buckle up beer and if that means some kids have to lie on the floor then so be it.

The Notorious B.I.G. broke life down for us. ‘Party and Bullshit’. Guess which category children fall under. Hint: babies ruin parties and that proved correct yet again as this man’s dumb kids ruined a potential banger.

Round of applause to the man who saved the beer and a big round of boos to the lames ass needy babies for being such major buzzkills.

Babies are the worst.


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