Make a Great Valentine’s Day Surprise

In the northern hemisphere, February is a grim, grey and cold month, with Christmas a distant memory even though the credit card bills remain front and centre. Work seems relentless and spring seems a long way off. And then, smack in the middle of the month is Valentine’s Day, a day of kitsch and schmaltz. If you are one of those who detests the clichéd celebrations on this day, but still want to impress your significant other, you are in the right place.

Unconventional Valentine’s Day card

For a fun and creative greeting for the unconventional couple celebrating Valentine’s Day, you can send deeply sarcastic and un-romantic Valentine cards, the total opposite of cute Hallmark-style Valentine’s cards, though there is nothing wrong with those. You can create your own design with covers including “I would press pause on FIFA for you” or “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye”.


Valentine’s Day gifts


Create a surprise this year by presenting a gift based on the number of years you and your sweetheart have been celebrating Valentine’s Day. Sending the same dozen red roses with a plush toy and a box of chocolates doesn’t make your ninth Valentine’s Day any more special than your first Valentine’s Day together. Instead, search for a 9th anniversary gift from the traditional and modern wedding anniversary gift lists. This means a gift of pottery or willow (traditional gift ideas) or leather (modern). Instead of roses, gift the Bird of Paradise, the flower appointed for this year or a piece of jewelry using the colour or the actual dark blue gemstone that is Lapis Lazuli.


Symbolic gifts


Many gifts can be symbolic of your relationship. Colours have romantic meaning, as do flowers, trees and other natural sources. A little bit of online research can help you find a gift that holds meaning to you both. She will appreciate the efforts you have made to link symbolism to your feelings. Water is symbolic of endurance and the giving of life as much as cleansing and purity. The ebb and flow can symbolise the challenges and the good times you have faced together. A gift of pottery symbolises home and family, but can also be practical, elegant, stylish and unique. Wicker is strong and durable and intertwines, symbolic of a stable and loving marriage. Leather is also strong and durable, but is also flexible, just like any successful relationship.


Experience gift


Valentine’s Day is another excuse for you to create new memories with your sweetheart. Whilst a physical gift is important, such as a piece of jewelry or a supersoft robe, the best memories are shared experiences. Book yourself into a local dance or cookery class, or less energetically book a couples’ massage at the best hotel spa in the area. Make a day of it, to include arrangements for childcare whilst you are away so you can both completely relax.


Eat out


Restaurants are geared up for the celebrations, with aphrodisiac dishes of oysters and too much chocolate. In recent years, a Valentine’s Day meal at home has become synonymous with true love, though in reality that may have more to do with the challenge of finding somewhere decent to make a reservation, overblown expectations, underwhelming menus, and unhappy restaurant staff. Yet eating out is fun and for those who regularly plan, shop and cook for meals at home, dining out is a treat, so why not surprise your beloved this Valentine’s Day and embrace the cheesiness that is a Valentine’s Day meal out. It’s both festive and fun as you people-watch.


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