Major League Baseball and I Finally Agree on Something: Fuck the Toronto Blue Jays

We made it to Opening Day. After a global pandemic (which is very much still a problem) and an excruciatingly gross labor negotiation, MLB decided on a 60-game season that begins this Thursday. Everyone should be HYPED. Well, except for the Toronto Blue Jays who don’t even have a field to play on.

Canada denied the Blue Jays request to travel back and forth across the border as crossing would require a 14-day quarantine when you return to the states which is like 25% of this season. Real quick shout out to the government officials that are still taking this pandemic seriously.

Then the Blue Jays were petitioning to play in Pittsburgh only for the state of Pennsylvania to hit them with a ‘lol nah’ and local health officials denied their request yesterday, the day before the season would begin.

Andddd we’re all just celebrating opening day. There’s an entire franchise that doesn’t have a field to play home games at and we’re all just leaving them on read. It appears as though Toronto will be playing all of their games in their opponent’s stadiums and when they’re supposed to be the ‘home’ team they’ll bat at the bottom of each inning while still very much playing on the road. I love it.

I’ve been hard on the Blue Jays in the past including article titled Toronto Blue Jays Are Off To Worst Start in Franchise History, BAHAHAHA and Fuck The Toronto Blue Jays.

So you can understand how devastated I am by this news. The Blue Jays are being absolutely screwed and they’re really the only team in the league with this problem. It’s just a real shame. This su—HAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA eat a dick, Blue Jays. Admittedly, I don’t even remember why I started hating them this much like, half a decade ago but I am ecstatic to see them struggle this season.

Thank you Canada, Pennsylvania, Major League Baseball and COVID-19 for providing me with this joy. I needed this.





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