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Due To a Drop in the Unemployment Rate, Maine Labor Department Lays Off 10 Employees

Maine’s Department of Labor plans to lay off up to 10 counselors who help Maine’s long-term unemployed and unemployed veterans, as that group has dwindled to record lows.

“The department does anticipate participating when the volume of claims rises due to a change in economic conditions,” the department of labor stated.

The department said it is working with the employees it will lay off to help them find other jobs as the program phases out in the coming weeks.


This just reaffirms everything I’ve ever believed about overachieving and working too hard. Never get too greedy at work. Punch in. Punch out. The second you start going above and beyond and actually trying, you’re screwing yourself in the long run.

I wish I could’ve sat these 10 people down before they decided to do their job and lower the unemployment rate. Billy, don’t be a hero.[1. Super hip reference from 1974.] If you’re in the Maine Labor Department, your job is to show up, stamp some papers, answers some emails and hit on Debra. No more, no less.

Hopefully the labor department can help these 10 people find jobs thus continuing this endless cycle of firing people and then lowering the unemployment rate and then firing people again. The circle of life.




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