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Magic Johnson Now Officially Runs the Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Operations

Magic Johnson will officially become the head of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers after Jeannie Buss has fired Mitch Kupchak and somehow convinced her incompetent brother, Jim, to step down as team president.

This is HUGE news for people who hate the Lakers and can’t wait to see Magic Johnson run this organization into the ground. Read any of Magic Johnson’s tweets and you can see he has no idea how to run a basketball team but it’ll be exciting to watch him trade Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell and first round draft picks for like, Jimmy Butler this Thursday. Can’t wait.

Also, quick shout out to Phil Jackson who not only lost the love of his life this year, Jeannie Buss, but has now lost his dream job of sitting in California smoking weed and running his favorite team. All he had to do was be a little bit more patient and he would’ve had this job but nope, he decided to take the easy cash and kill the Knicks. Laugh out loud.





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