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Madonna Just Ended Racism

America is burning right now after weeks upon weeks of senseless murder of defenseless black people by racist cops and vigilantes. I’ve had anxiety through the roof for days but all of that has subsided thanks to the work of Madonna and her son.

And that’s that. Racism is over.

This is grimy for a few reasons but there’s something about adopting a black kid and making him dance to Michael Jackson so you can get some retweets makes me want to rip my flesh off. There’s a lot of petitions and GoFundMe’s going around but can we Free David Banda.

You can say what you want about the value of rioting in the streets and looting the local Target but I promise you that is a more effective protest than this dweeb tap dancing like Daffy Duck for his mom.

I will never forget a few years ago when Madonna posted an Instagram photo of one of her sons boxing with the caption ‘dis nigga’.

HAHAHA. We let celebrities get away with anything. Genuinely shocking that Madonna didn’t appear in that tone deaf Gal Gadot video where all the Avengers sang Imagine to make us feel better about catching Coronavirus.

Madonna does not appear racist but that video is the epitome of why police brutality and these tragedies continue to happen on a daily basis. Evil white people commit their darkest fantasies on harmless black victims.

And our white leaders feel bad for an hour, post a Martin Ling King Jr quote to rid themselves of their extremely temporary guilt and get the required Likes necessary to feel as if they’ve made a difference without actually making any sort of dent in the problem.

They raise their hand to indicate that they’re one of the good white people and Madonna did the ultimate ‘I have a black friend’ move by throwing her black son at us and what makes this so gross is that this is the only value that white people give to black people.

Sing, dance, dunk, catch touchdowns and entertain white people. And if you do anything outside shuckin and jivin then you have no value and you can be strangled to death by mentally disabled morally vacant cop.

Thank you to Madonna and her lame ass son for their contribution to the culture. Dis nigga.





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