Hot Teacher Suspended For Being a Hot Teacher

A teacher who was suspended over her sultry selfies has quit her job despite pupils defending her social media posts.

Students at the Ousedale School in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes said they overheard Lydia Ferguson being told off for her provocative bedroom photo posted online in March.

The mother-of-three, who works as a ‘learning mentor’ helping children with behavioural problems, was eventually suspended over her glamorous snaps.

After protests from her students, she was reinstated but now insists she ‘couldn’t go back.’¬†

(Daily Mail)


There should be more teachers like Lydia Ferguson out there across the globe helping students grow and learn. How dare this school district punish her for having a personal life that I wish I was apart of. All of the teachers I had when I was a kid were 80 year old men.

I am not at all shocked that her students protested to have her back. I’m not her student and I want her back in the classroom. Let teachers have their personal lives. If this hot teacher wants to be a hot teacher on Facebook then so be it. We all want those sweet delicious Facebook Likes. Some people want them more than they want their teaching jobs. New rule: if you’re hot, you can do whatever you want.



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