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Luke Voit Will Cost The Yankees a World Series Title

That’s a harsh headline. Damn. I’m not sure I can match that energy but allow me to explain why Luke Voit being on the Yankees 25-man postseason roster will be the one move that sinks this team’s ship and send them home from the playoffs empty handed.

I never hid the fact that I was a Greg Bird stan at one point in my life.

I’m still ashamed of myself for that but it made me skeptical of Luke Voit coming in from the St. Louis Cardinals AAA team and suddenly transforming into a slugger in the heart of the Yankees lineup seemingly overnight.

One day Chasen Shreve was done giving up leads in the 7th inning and Luke Vout just manifested himself in the Yankees clubhouse, this large man wearing the jersey of a much smaller man.

Last season, Voit batted .333 with 14 homers and 33 RBIs in just 39 regular season games as a Yankee. The team rode his bat into the postseason. He was a straight up monster.

Fast forward a year and Voit was unfortunately a victim of the injury curse that swallowed up everyone on the Yankees roster.

In a mid-July series against the Red Sox played in England for no reason, Voit suffered a ‘core’ injury and spent a month on the IL with a sports hernia that he clearly hasn’t healed from yet considering he has been TRASH since his return to the lineup.

Since returning from the IL, Voit is batting .233 with 4 homers and 51 strikeouts. He went from the anchor of the lineup to an automatic out.

You don’t really want to send a player out there who’s prone to strikeouts against the Astros who have two pitchers that both recorded over 300 Ks this season.

I know it seems harsh or like an overreaction to say that Voit will cost the team a World Series but if he’s on the postseason roster and starting Game 1 then they’re basically handing the Minnesota Twins free outs.

Here’s what Luke Voit had to say about his spot on the team:

“I hope I make the roster. I have no idea. There are a lot of good players in this room.’’

You’re right, Luke. There are a lot of good players in that room. And that’s sort of the point I’m trying to make. Voit not only making the 25-man roster but actually starting at first base would take playing time away from far better players on this team.

DJ LeMahieu is going to receive MVP votes yet somehow is still a backup with a position on the roster. If we’re penciling in Gleyber Torres at second base and Didi Gregorious at shortstop then you decide whether you’d rather have DJ play third base or first.

Gio Urshela is an astronomically better glove at third than Voit is at first. He’s also putting together far better at-bats than Voit has been down the homestretch. It’s a no-brainer that Gio plays third every game thus settling DJ at first.

And real quick, for all of the people that believe Didi is struggling and he should be the odd man out: shut up.

Gleyber Torres is the most talented player on the Yankees. That’s a fact. Here’s another fact: he leads the team with 20 errors and 11 of those errors occurred when he played shortstop.

He’s also one of the only left-handed hitters in the lineup. In the postseason, that matters. Everything matters. 11 errors at shortstop matters. And alternating between left and right handed hitters as to complicate an opposing manager’s bullpen decisions, matters.

Play Didi at shortstop. Duh.

ANYWAY, that leaves the DH spot.

Edwin Encarnacion deserves that spot in the lineup as he is one of the best hitters of the decade. Unfortunately, my man hasn’t played since September 12th which is *checks notes* a long ass time ago.

Here’s what Eddy said about his injury on Saturday:

“If I’m not 100 percent, I’m close. I’ll keep on working to get there.”

I’ll take Edwin Encarnacion with a left oblique strain over Luke Voit with a fucking HERNIA. In that September 12th game, Edwin hit a 2-run homer in a 10-4 victory over the Detroit Tigers.

He’s better than Voit. I cannot stress that enough.

But even if Encarnacion can’t make it back in time for the ALCS, there’s still a guy on the Yankees that deserves at-bats over Luke Voit.

Enter Mike Ford, your local contractor and/or pizzeria cashier.

While Luke Voit has been irrelevant in September, Mike Ford is slashing 364/.447/.727 with 3 homers, 10 RBIs and a 1.175 OPS. He has figured out Major League pitching and the most New Jersey of New Jersians is pulling the ball over the fence with regularity.

And as mentioned earlier, the Yankees need a lefty bat. Especially in Yankee stadium where the right field wall is 100 feet away.

It’s wild after Greg Bird, Tyler Austin and Luke Voit all fade into obscurity, who knew that the least athletic-looking first baseman who appeared to be a career minor leaguer would emerge as the best among them all.

If the New York Yankees play Luke Voit and rob better players of at-bats and their better defensive gloves then they will not win their 28th World Series.

Voit and Clint Frazier should be locked out of the clubhouse for the next two months. Change the locks around the stadium. They can come to the championship parade or whatever but they better not step into the batter’s box against Zack Greinke. The Yankees will lose. Fast.

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