Luka Doncic Swatting The Shit Out of Trae Young is Symbolic of the Dumbest Trade in NBA History

We will never forget the worst draft day trade of all time as the Atlanta Hawks sent Luka Doncic over to the Dallas Mavericks for Trae Young and a 2019 first round draft pick.

Not only is Luka the clear cut better NBA player but he’s so good that he’s leading the Mavericks into the playoffs which means the draft pick they gave to Atlanta won’t even be in th lottery. 

Doncic dropped 24 points with 10 rebounds and 6 assists in Dallas’s 114-107 victory over the Atlanta Hawks in my favorite ‘lol’ game of the year. Dallas has won 8 out their last 10 games and they are 13-2 at home this season. Luka was born to run Dallas.

Thank you, Atlanta,  for handing him over for nothing.

I should point out that Trae young also had 24 points and 10 assists. I don’t want to paint the picture that Trae is a bum. He’s averaging 15.7 points and 7.3 assists a night. And we’ll just ignore the fact that the ‘next Steph Curry’ is shooting 24% from the 3-point line. Yikes.New rule

New rule: Don’t trade potential one-in-a-generation superstars for potential ‘really good’ players.




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