Lucky Kid Finds Molly Inside of His Sonic Kids Meal

What Happened?

Three employees at the fast-food restaurant Sonic Drive-In in Taylor, Texas were arrested Friday after an ecstasy pill was found in the hamburger wrapper of a kids meal.

The discovery was made during a family outing when their 11-year-old daughter asked about the unknown pill. “Being an 11-year-old, she asked her parents if this was candy,” Taylor police chief Henry Fluck said, per CBS Austin.

The parents took the pill took the police department where it was determined to be an MDMA tablet. Authorities returned to that Sonic location, and arrested manager Tanisha Monavette Dancer, who had three tabs on her when a police search was conducted. Two other employees, Jose Javier Molina and Jonathan Ray Roberson, were also placed under arrest.


Some lucky little girl got both Sonic AND MDMA all in one stop and her wack ass parents decided to call the cops instead of celebrating and passing that molly around like they should have.

This is why people across the globe hate Americans. We are fat people who devour fast food and we’re so wasteful. I’ve been to a Sonic a few times in my life. The food isn’t even that good. In fact, I’d only go back there if it came with a side of esctasy.

But BIG shout out to store manager, Tanisha Dancer, who was out here just trying to give everyone happy holidays by sneaking some MDMA inside of the hamburger wrappers.

She shouldn’t be arrested for giving.

If anything, she should be given the keys to the city. Put these narc parents in prison and throw away the key. Oh, also arrest them for feeding their 11-year old daughter Sonic. The employees probably felt bad that that poor little girl’s parents were shoving gross fast food hotdogs down her throat and was giving her a little present to get through her day.

These Sonic employees are heroes. #FreeTanisha.





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