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Louis CK Is Now a Crybaby Right Wing Comedian Complaining About ‘Kids These Days’ And How Annoying School Shooting Survivors Are

There is a new full length 50 minute set from Louis CK that leaked this weekend in which the formerly funny comic gets on stage and starts off by asking “Ever have an entire year that sucks 365 shit cock days in a row?” And then he immediately follows that up by saying that he lost millions of dollars.


And with that comes the rest of his weird and awful set. There are a bajillion problems both with Louis CK’s performance and a lot of stand up comedy in general but let’s first talk about CK’s complete lack of accountability.

I don’t think anyone wanted him to go on stage and give a strange apology. No one goes to a comedy show wanting to see the comics shed tears on stage and beg for forgiveness.

But maybe instead of blaming the society we live in for your decision to be a sexual predator, you instead, blame yourself for your decision to be a sexual predator.

Louis CK could easily come back and be loved again if instead of making fun of school shooting survivors, he made fun of himself. I was never the biggest Louis CK fan but all of his best jokes were when he was self-deprecating and making fun of himself.

This was a prime opportunity for Louis to address his gross ass behavior in a way that shows that he understands how disgusting he was but nope, it was a temporary inconvenience that cost him $35 million and it’s OUR fault for bothering him this year.

But as far as the state of stand up comedy, here’s a new rule: you don’t have to start off a joke by complaining about ‘PC Culture’.

Just tell your joke where you say the word ‘retard’ for no reason and if it’s funny, we’ll all laugh. Don’t antagonize the audience because you still think that in order to be funny, you need to be offensive. That’s some open mic beginner shit.

It’s the reason why no one is begging for new Amy Schumer stuff. You can only talk about your vagina so much before we eventually want some introspective and smart comedy.

There’s also nothing funny or intelligent about mocking transgender people for wanting to be identified a certain way. Being old and ignorant isn’t a clever point of view. And the irony of calling people in their 20’s ‘boring’ is that that is an extremely boring perspective.

“I don’t like these kids and their rap music” says the old man who actually has nothing interesting to say or add to a conversation but still wants to be a part of a conversation that he fears he’s being excluded from.

Every time I watch an interview with a stand-up comedian and the host asks ‘what’s it like being a stand-up in today’s society with everything being politically correct’ my eyes roll out of my head.

Just be funny.

I’m sorry that it’s no longer enough for the punchline of your joke to be the word ‘faggot’ over and over again. Guess you just have to be clever now. Sucks, I know.

Also real quick, there is certainly room in the world for comedians with conservative views. Dennis Miller’s Off-White album will always be a Top 10 stand-up special for me.

But Dennis Miller has always presented himself as someone who is smarter than you and annoyed by you which is definitely an acquired taste but regardless, it’s almost been his gimmick.

He didn’t get caught forcing women to watch him beat off and then return to the stage like ‘you people are too sensitive and stole money from me’.

At one point during this set, Louis CK says ‘I was born in the 70’s. We didn’t care about each other’s feelings. We just beat the shit out of each other’.

Ah yes, the golden ages.

What bothers me most is this man’s complete lack of growth. He is going to be able to tour again and he’s going to be creepy to women again because he hasn’t shown any signs of recognizing his wrongdoing.

And he’s going to make back all of the money he lost because there are no negative consequences for rich people. What a time to be alive.

And here’s a link to the full video if you have an hour to waste.




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