Los Angeles Dodgers Need To Be Banned From Major League Baseball After Allowing David Price To Get a World Series Win

The Los Angeles Dodgers are down 0-2 to the Boston Red Sox after losing both games at Fenway Park to open up the World Series. The Dodgers have the most dangerous bats on their roster to just throw at opposing pitchers yet somehow Boston has scored twice as many runs as them.

But there is no more egregious act than allowing David Price to go out there and pitch 6 innings. The Dodgers got 3 hits and 2 runs off Price. Gary Sanchez alone can get those numbers off Price in 3 at-bats.

What are we doing here?


Prior to this year, David Price started 9 postseason games. He had one no-decision. And 8 losses. Zero wins. He had two wins coming out of the bullpen but that doesn’t count. Oh, and his playoff ERA was 5.03.

The fuck is going on here?

I need Major League Baseball to step in here and ban the Los Angeles Dodgers from further competition. Relegate this team to the minor leagues as they do to last place teams in the English Premier League.

I’m so disappointed with the Dodgers that I’m referencing soccer. [Taylor Swift voice] Look what you made me do.

The Dodgers were supposed to save us from a Boston Red Sox World Series celebration and they appear to have bent the knee the second their team bus parked at Fenway and chanting ‘Mhysa’ over and over again like Daenerys just freed the slaves. They are having the worst at-bats I’ve ever seen. They’re making Joe Kelly look like Eric Gagne.

I’m miserable. Ban the Los Angeles Dodgers from Major League Baseball.





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