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Lonzo Ball Will Appear in Fuller House

In the episode, which will air during season three of the Netflix show, the Los Angeles Lakers rookie visits the Tanner-Fuller household in an effort to recruit someone to join the organization, according to Entertainment Weekly’s Derek Lawrence.


Lonzo Ball has played zero games in the NBA and he’s already the face of the league. Doesn’t matter what you think of his father, Lavar Ball. They’ve already won. We don’t even know if this kid can really play with adults yet and he’s already the most talked about STAR. LeBron who?

The biggest part of this story isn’t that Lonzo is getting television offers. No, the biggest part of this story is that Fuller House is recording their third season. Jesus. Who is the watching this show? Is the target demographic NBA fans now?

I just want/need a scene on John Stamos beating Lonzo Ball one-on-one which seems inevitable. That gif is going to change my life.

Also cancel Fuller House now before brother LaMelo shows up in season 7 and spins a basketball on his fingers in the opening credits for no reason.



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