Logan Morrison Tries To Shit on Gary Sanchez For Participating in the Home Run Derby

Rays 1B Logan Morrison insisted he wasn’t disappointed to not be selected by MLB officials to participate in Monday’s All-Star Home Run Derby despite ranking second in the majors with 24 homers.
But he had a serious issue that Yankees C Gary Sanchez — with 13 homers at the time — was chosen ahead of him.

“Gary shouldn’t be there. Gary’s a great player, but he shouldn’t be in the Home Run Derby,” Morrison said.

“I remember when I had 14 home runs. That was a month and a half ago.”


Wow, you can’t look like more of a bitch than hating on a player for being invited to participate in the Home Run Derby. Logan Morrison’s favorite color is green. His favorite DJ is Envy. His favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly and of course, he is a bitch.

I will say this and attempt to be ‘unbiased'[1. lol imagine.], Morrison isn’t necessarily wrong. Gary Sanchez isn’t hitting the most home runs this season. He’s not even close. In fact, there are 3 players on the Yankees who have more homers than Sanchez.

Having said that, Major League Baseball is trying to get viewers and having Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez both competing and representing the biggest market in America is huge for them. Morrison can take his sour grapes back to Tampa Bay and their empty stadium that no one ever attends because no one gives a shit about the Rays. If Morrison was in the home run derby, not a single person would stop to watch.

Gary Sanchez is the king of New York. I know everyone is in love with Aaron Judge but I guarantee the second he stops mashing home runs and starts slumping, fans will turn. I think Sanchez will be the golden child forever.





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