Lock Up This Kinda Cute Teacher For Sexting and Sending Nudes To One of Her Students

What Happened?

A 29-year-old Montgomery High School teacher has been arrested and charged with sending nude photos of herself and engaging in sexually explicit conversations through social media with a 17-year-old student.

Michelina Aichele, of Hillsborough, was arrested Oct. 5, charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child and is lodged in the Somerset County Jail pending a detention hearing, 

Police interviewed the student, who indicated he had allegedly received nude photos from Aichele over a period of several months, according to the news release.

In addition, the teen also provided details of alleged sexually explicit conversations that he and Aichele engaged in through social media and emails, according to the news release.



Michelina Aichele deserves life in prison for the way she behaved with this underage student. This is completely unacceptable. You send your kids to school assuming that the staff and faculty will keep them safe from 8am to 2pm but nope. We have teachers like Ms. Aichele corrupting our youth.

Thankfully, the police were tipped off on this clearly one-sided predatorial relationship. This 17-year old kid was just minding his own business re-reading his favorite bible scriptures when all of a sudden his phone lit up. To his dismay, he received Ms. Aichele’s nudes out of nowhere. I can only imagine his anguish.

This kid’s life is probably ruined now. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees his teacher naked. How can he sleep at night? I want this woman behind bars forever. Lock her in a cell with Bill Cosby and let their evils destroy each other.

Lock this woman up forever.

sidenote: did I read that correctly? Michelina Aichele, sweetheart. You can’t use social media to send the nudes, babe. Exchange numbers at the least. Use private texting apps. There are ways to sext without getting caught. Don’t slide into Facebook DMs. Mark Zuckerberg is a snitch.

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