Listen to Lil Yachty Freestyle on Hot 97 And Hate Yourself For Actually Enjoying It

First, when I opened this video up and saw that it was almost 5 minutes long, I thought Lil Yachty was about to GO IN. I recognize that was foolish of me. a 4-minute Yachty song consists of at least 2 minutes of him repeating ‘lil boat’ over and over again.

This freestyle was surprisingly…fine. Like, it was actually music which was incredibly unexpected. When this kid gets behind a microphone, I expect a bunch of slurred words and couplets that don’t rhyme. This freestyle checked off the box of ‘rap music’.

Yes, it’s a low bar to clear but once that beat starts, the only thing I’m thinking about is Lupe Fiasco destroying it before he lost his mind and followed Immortal Technique’s path as the underground asshole who says wild shit for no reason.

I wanted to hate this so badly but I can’t. He’s ‘fine’ at rapping.

Also, don’t make the same mistake I did and attempt to listen to his new album Lil Boat 2 after watching this freestyle. I had high hopes and now I’m pissed. Lil Yachy is ‘fine.



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