Listen to Tyler, The Creator Absolute SNAP With His New Unreleased Song ‘Okra’

Songs like this frustrate me so much because THIS is the Tyler, The Creator I want to hear. There is nothing wrong with the occasional melancholy piano chord quiet raps he drops but we all know he’s capable of making these bangers whenever he wants and he chooses not to you.

He even calls this a throwaway song as if he didn’t even want to make it and someone forced him to do it. I have the same frustration with Kendrick Lamar who can make a ‘Backseat Freestyle’ whenever he wants but simply doesn’t.

We need more songs like Okra. Flower Boy was a good album or whatever but none of the tracks sounded like this and I wish every song did. This is the type of song that makes your neck sore from bopping your head. This is the type of song that you rap along to and you do those ‘rap hands’ as you’re rapping to yourself like you’re in the club on the dancefloor but you don’t actually know how to dance so you rap along to the lyrics with your arms.

As I’ve typed this I already listened to Okra 9,452 times. BANGER.




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Written by Deadseriousness

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