Listen to Cory Gunz Remind The World That He’s Still Alive in a New Hot97 Freestyle

Remember Cory Gunz? If you asked me that 24 hours ago I would’ve just assumed you completely made up a name and you were trying to prank me. Who knew this guy could rap like this?

Up until this point, I just knew Cory Gunz as that asshole that ruined that Lil Wayne banger ‘6 foot 7 foot’. 3 minutes straight of fire Lil Wayne bars and then Gunz gets on and starts mumbling bullshit about Dramamine and it’s an instant skip. I don’t even think I’ve ever heard his verse through to the end. I never will.

I don’t know if Gunz is back or not. I guess that’s all a matter of perspective if you believe he was ever around to begin with. I do know one thing to be true after listening to this Hot97 freestyle, I will 1000% be going back and listening to the original rapper of that instrumental, Method Man.

So thank you Cory Gunz for inspiring me to go back and listen to Dangerous Grounds off of Tical 2000: Judgement Day. Absolute fire emoji.




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