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Listen to Maroon 5 and Future Join Forces For a New Jam ‘ Cold’

Ladies and Gentlemen, looks like we’ve just received our song of the winter. Yes, every winter has an iconic song that we all remember years later. Like ‘Informant’ by Snow was a winter jam. I have no idea what season that song came out but it seems like a winterish song.

I think it was mostly cloudy all day. Strong winds. Potential for rain. But then I listened to Adam Levine’s voice and the heavens opened up. Sun started shining. Birds started chirping. I heard harps out of nowhere.

Then Future’s verse came on and I just wanted to trap, you know. What a dream collaboration. I’m pretty sure Maroon 5 and Future made this track specifically for me but that’s how I feel about literally every Maroon 5 track. I’ve yet to be corrected so I’ll just continue to assume that Adam is signing directly to me.

This also comes with the announce of Future’s next album and tour so this is just a great day for me. Happy Valentine’s Day, King Lester.




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