Listen to Kendrick Lamar Remind The World That He’s The Best Rapper Alive With ‘The Heart Part IV’

I’d like to imagine that Kendrick Lamar goes into hibernations for months at a time in some sort of stasis tube in a lab somewhere. He is put to sleep only to be reanimated when Drake or some other bitch ass rapper starts to get too much shine. The Illuminati unleashes Kendrick Lamar onto the world to wreak havoc and this time we have The Heart Part IV.

I always tell myself that I’m the greatest writer on the Internet but I wonder what it must feel like for Kendrick Lamar to call himself the greatest rapper alive and for everyone in the world to pretty much agree. I assume it just means he doesn’t have to wait on line as much as most people do. Probably gets a lot of discounts too and shit. Ah, the perks of greatness.

To Pimp A Butterfly was cool and socially important and stuff but like, I reallyyy hope that his next album is full of bangers. 20 tracks just like Backseat Freestyle. That’s all I want/need.



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