Lion King Adds Amy Sedaris To The Cast As a Brand New Original Character

What Happened?

Comedian Amy Sedaris has joined the cast of Disney’s live-action “The Lion King” remake, numerous individuals close to the project tell Variety. She will voice an animal brand new to the kingdom that was established in the 1994 animated classic.

Under the purview of director Jon Favreau, Sedaris will play an elephant shrew — so named for long noses that resemble elephant trunks, the tiny mammal is native to Africa and known for its top speed.



If you’re as big of a Bojack Horseman stan as I am then you are just as hyped as I am to hear that Amy Sedaris is doing anything but there’s extra excitement that she’s doing another voice role in what may be the biggest animated movie of my (borderline) adult life.

Honestly, scratch this elephant shrew. Just bring in Princess Carolyn and throw her into the middle of The Lion King. She’s a cat anyway. She’s in the family tree. Let her hang out with Beyonce’s Nala. I accidentally made a better move than what Jon Favreau is planning.

Oh also, the original idea of using a wise-talking female comedian elephant and adding her to the 1994 Lion King is taken directly from 1999 Tarzan when Rosie O’Donnell, ya know, played that elephant.

Genius idea Favreau. You’ve struck gold again. But I will say, earlier this week I asked what changes this new Lion King movie was going to make to differentiate itself from the original version and apparently everyone read my article, hit me with a DX ‘suck it’, and hired Amy Sedaris within 24 hours.

You are all welcome.

Let’s all take this moment to appreciate Princess Carolyn.




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