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Lindsey Graham is a Single White Male From South Carolina and He’s Ready To Mingle

Lindsey Graham began his statement at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s meeting about Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court by clearly stating that he is a single white male from South Carolina which was odd.

He also said that he was told he should shut up but he will not.

Christine Blasey Ford sat before the Senate to recall her memory of Brett Kavanaugh taking advantage and sexually assaulting her at a party when they were both teenagers opening a real can of worms and an assembly line of problematic men rushing to jump off the top rope with their millions of reasons why we shouldn’t believe her.

Lindsey Graham, a dumb elderly man, should be the first person to shut up during these hearings. Whoever told him that he should shut up is 1000% correct. Graham really stepped up to the mic and acted like HE was the one being oppressed. How dare he not be allowed to comment on what it’s like to be the victim of sexual assault? Don’t take away his freedom of speech!

But Lindsey Graham didn’t just say he was a white male from the South. No no. My man wanted to make it known that he was also SINGLE. He said that shit with his chest. He knew all eyes were on him and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to bed alone that night.

We all follow those thots on social media that constantly remind you that they are single in the caption of a photo where they’re barely dressed holding a half-empty[1. or half full.] bottle of Hennessy basically begging you to DM them.

That was Lindsey Graham at that Senate hearing.

If there are any ladies out there that are looking for a man that doesn’t respect women, Lindsey is available. Have you ever been sexually assaulted but were too afraid, ashamed or worried that no one would believe you? Meet Lindsey Graham: the face of all your fears.

He’s single thooooough, Ladies.



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