Lindsay Lohan Now Has Coke Dreams of Playing Batgirl

LINDSAY LOHAN BACK. How do we make this actually happen? I know Lindsay thinks she can get this role because she asked for retweets but let’s actually give her this role. Why not? What do we have to lose? Best case scenario, Joss Whedon gets a fun performance from Lohan in between coke bumps. Worst case scenario, she’s a terror on the set and I have new stories to write about every day as she makes stylists and makeup artists cry on the daily. Hey, there could even be a stabbing if we’re lucky!

Batgirl is my favorite superhero so I’m playing it cool here when I write about this. I’m actually very anxious thinking about this movie and how it was reportedly in the making about a year ago and we haven’t gotten any updates and the only person talking about this movie is Lindsay Lohan which is insane.

DC movies are also trash so far. Wonder Woman is the best movie and it’s not even close. The only other DC movie that’s watchable is the newest Justice League that Joss Whedon rode in and fixed after Zack Snyder was for sure ruining it. Batgirl is the perfect combination of both with a female protagonist and Joss Whedon understanding how to make a fun action movie. Box office gold.

Lindsay Lohan is a good actress. Mean Girls is a classic. I mean, I know that had nothing to do with her acting ability but like, let’s give her another chance. She and Shia LaBeouf are the same human. Their acting ceilings are high. They can be charming and fun in a movie. Unfortunately, they are both gigantic assholes and no one wants to be in the same room as them.

Imagine a DC movie with Lindsay Lohan and Ben Affleck hanging out in the bat cave. Alright, the DC universe is now all comedies. I’m already laughing at how hard those two are trying to be serious and brooding. BAHAHAH. Yup, I’m all in on Lindsay Lohan Batgirl.



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