Lil Wayne Just Retired From Rap Via Twitter

Sooo uh, I think Lil Wayne just retired? Hard times on planet Earth. The saddest news of 2016. Lil Wayne retiring and Chyna passing away. I’m a little shaken up.

Weezy has had kind of a tough year. He’s basically died and come back to life twice after overdosing off cough syrup. It’s safe to assume that now that Wayne won’t be rapping anymore, he can spend more time sipping sizzurp soo the next story you may read about him is that he’s having more seizures but this time instead of it happening on airplanes, it’ll happen in the privacy of his own home.

He is also in a huge war with Birdman because he basically hasn’t received a paycheck in like, ever. Doesn’t help that Birdman allegedly shot up Wayne’s tour bus.

Yup, Lil Wayne should 1000% retire. If he doesn’t, he’s going to die. If he does, he’s going to die but at least he’s going to die doing what he loves. Leaaaaaning.


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