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Light Adam Gase on Fire

The New York Jets stink. Adam Gase stinks. Again.

The 2020 season has just started and the Jets seemed like they didn’t realize it was Week 1 until they were in bed watching Terry Bradshaw give his Sunday predictions so they rushed to the stadium last minute attempting to play the Buffalo Bills.

They lost. Duh.

Remember when Adam Gase was hired because he was a ‘quarterback whisperer’ even though there was zero evidence that proved that? He should’ve been fired when the Jets started 1-7 last season and Luke Falk was so bad that he sued the team after they cut him.

Gase should’ve been fired when Ryan Tannehill, the average QB he coached in Miami, turned into a gunslinger and led the Tennesse Titans to the AFC Championship the first year he was out of Gase’s shackles.

Sam Darnold is in his 3rd season and he looks genuinely frightened out there which only looks more obvious when he plays against the Bills and Josh Allen plays like his jersey is already in the Hall of Fame.

Josh Allen was 33-for-46 with 312 passing yards and 2 touchdowns along with 59 rushing yards for another TD. Darnold was 21-for-35 with 215 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Adam Gase: quarterback whisperer.

I read this quote a few times trying to understand if I thought Gase was saying what I think he was saying. The Jets looked awful. Top to bottom. Terrible penalties. No understanding of the clock at the end of the half. But Adam Gase blamed the bad offense of Darnold, the receivers and the backs. Gase did everything right and they didn’t execute.

It’s almost as if the players were not mentally focused. Hm. If only someone could’ve prepared them better. Not Gase’s problem. No, he is focused on running the ball on 2nd and long and having zero pre-snap movement or adjustments to catch the defense off guard.

Jets fans are already talking about tanking for Clemson QB, Trevor Lawrence. Sam Darnold looks like a rookie every single time he drops back to pass. Honestly, he had far better performances at USC. Gase, whisper to this motherfucker.

This franchise probably should’ve released Gase was a problem when he showed up and instantly went to war with the best player on the team, LeVeon Bell. A player whose season he just destroyed after putting him back into a game following a very apparently hamstring injury.

This offensive genius has one of the greatest running backs of all time and lets take a look at how he utilizes this special talent.

adam gase

Love it. Love having a generational talent and instead of getting him the ball out in space where he is most effective, just shoving him up the middle over and over again like he’s Jerome Bettis or some shit.

Adam Gase being both incompetent AND arrogant is a wild combination for a guy who has a career 30-35 head coaching record.

And the worst part of it all is that the Jets gave Gase the keys to the entire organization. They allowed him to handpick the GM, his buddy Joe Douglas. So now Gase is guaranteed a job because there’s no way Douglas is going to turn his back on the man who put him in that position.

There is only one way to solve the Jets problem: Light Adam Gase on fire. Yesterday.

Oh, also unleash their secret weapon: Joe Flacco.


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