Liberty Head Coach Hugh Freeze Showed Up To Gameday in a Hospital Bed (It Didn’t End Well)

Hugh Freeze’s face is on the NCAA corruption Mount Rushmore after being forced to resign as the head coach of Ole Miss a couple of years back because he was caught using his school issued cell phone to call hookers which you cannot do.

What made that story extra noteworthy was the fact that Hugh Freeze was mega religious and Christianity was a major part of his coaching and recruiting which probably should have been a massive red flag to begin. Super religious men 1000% have bodies buried in their backyard and are obsessed with prostitutes.

Former Golden State Warriors coach, Mark Jackson, was religious as hell to the point where he was essentially fired because he was so publicly homophobic even though the owner’s son is gay and ya know, being gay isn’t a big deal.

Mark Jackson, who chose his faith over his career, was once extorted by a hooker.

Even Jesus spent most of his adult life hanging out with ladies of the night.

After a temporary exile from college football, Hugh Freeze returned to coach the Liberty Flames and he wasn’t going to let surgery prevent him from attending his team’s home opener where the Flames proceeded to get absolutely dominated by Syracuse and were shut out.

Couldn’t have happened to a better man.

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