LiAngelo Ball, Who Is Legitimately Terrible at Basketball, Was Genuinely SHOCKED That The Los Angeles Lakers Didn’t Draft Him

What Happened?

The latest episode of Ball in the Family detailed that draft night for LiAngelo. LaVar had scheduled his JBA league opener to coincide with the NBA draft, so LiAngelo was in the crowd to support his brother, LaMelo. As the first round got underway, LiAngelo revealed that the Lakers had been talking to him that day. He was sure that either the Lakers or Suns would take him in the second round.

He was watching LaMelo’s game when the Lakers picked at No. 47. Upon learning that Los Angeles went with Kansas’ Svi Mykhailiuk, LiAngelo left his seat to watch the remainder of the draft from a back room. Mykhailiuk ended up being one of the Lakers’ breakout performers in Summer League.

Having to reflect on what happened, LiAngelo thought his shoplifting arrest with UCLA in China might have played a role:

“It sucks I didn’t get drafted tonight. I guess it was the way I played. I guess. Or the (expletive) I did off the court. At this point, I’m just … I’m good.”

(USA Today)


This is amazing. By all accounts from literally every single scout in the NBA, LiAngelo Ball stinks at basketball and was never going to be drafted. He is the super dope combination of unathletic and without any skills, which some might say, is a detriment to playing professional basketball.

Yes, LiAngelo lit it up in Lithuania against farmers and got a scholarship to play at UCLA against future gym teachers and his brother is the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers but none of that guaranteed him a spot in the league.

My man heard the Lakers select Svi Mykhailiuk in the second round and needed to go take a walk around the block to clear his head. Mykhailiuk is about to be catching alley-oops from LeBron James and LiAngelo is going to be working for Big Baller Brand mailing out t-shirts to Lonzo fans.

You also have to love that LiAngelo Ball thinks he wasn’t drafted because he stole sunglasses in China and of course, causing an international incident isn’t the best look but it’s safe to say that if Zion Williamson kidnapped Vladimir Putin, he’d still go top 5 in next year’s draft.

“At this point…I’m good”. That’s the quote of a man who is anything but ‘good’. Shoutout to Svi Mykhailiuk though. He’s going to be Lonzo’s new surrogate brother until the youngest brother, LaMelo, is eligible to be drafted while LiAngelo is going to be running Lavar’s social media accounts as an unpaid intern.





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